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Mian Biwi
By:  Usman Farooq   |  August 19, 2014  

Mian Biwi
‘Mian Biwi’, is a moderate drama series written by Mohsin Ali and produced by DR. Azra Faiz. The drama series basically revolves around two married couples, among which one couple has no children and the wife likes to socialize with other people, but his husband persist an opposite attitude from his wife’s.

The story comes to a twist when the first couple cast by Shabir Jan as Ahmed and Sanda as Zahra give away one portion of their house on rent to another married couple cast by Mani as Ali and Sana Askari as Sara.

Ahmed (led by Shabir Jan) is anti-social and does not like the particular decision of renting a portion of his house to someone, but somehow his wife Zahra (led by Sandra) manages to convince him for this.

When the second couple finally moves in to their newly rented house, Zahra invites them for lunch and dinner several time. That is how both the couples became socialize with each other. The scenario shows that one wife socialize with another wife through gossips and one husband with another husband socialize through their business discussions.

The story has a twist of entertainment, it comes when Sara and Zahra take their gossips to another level. Zahra teaches Sara about different techniques which could eventually be helpful for her to keep his husband in control and persuaded.

Zahra edifies Sara to rule his husband according to her own wishes and that is how the new couple gets involved in arguments and brawls. What will happen next is an entertainment package which could eventually lead the ordinary couples towards entertainment funda.

There are different emerging situations shown in this drama series when different characters spring up in their life to interfere and that is when the situation gets tough and out-of-control. This interference is making the drama series more entertaining. The seriousness and twisted humor touch in this drama series is leading it towards a new level.