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By:  Web Desk   |  August 18, 2014  


Drama series ‘Khabarnama is a comedy based serial, whose epic story is positioned on the pillars and norms of a channel Industry who is revealing the current situation of the channel Industry in a humorous style. 

‘Khabarnama’ whose main and prominent cast is Ismail Tara, Shehzad Khalid, Shazia Afgan and Maria Haza Zahid have bought this serial to a revival level in which the viewers will be able to see both Classic and Traditional concepts and situations in a more satire approach.

The story line of ‘Khabarnama’ revolves around the love and desire of a scrap dealer Seth Gulfam (led by Ismail Tara) from the newspapers. He in regard to continue this passion close down his scrap dealaing business and opens a newspaper channel in his own ware house and calls his ‘Munshi’ ‘Munshi Manqi’ (led by Shehzad Raza) to assist him with the channel work. The story turns out more dramatic with a twist of entertainment when both, the owner and his assistant set up interviews for the employes who are to be hired to work for his channel. The most entertaining and whimsical moment of the drama series comes up here when they both hire such employees who are not worth for his channel, but are the lazy lads who will push his channel towards drowning.

‘Khabarnama’, a true revealing narrative story with a comedy touch revolves around the current situation of the TV channels who bargain the truth for their mean. The main purpose of making this drama series is to bring back the classical comedy on the front screen like the revival of the classical theme of comedy world which we use to see in the drama series like ‘Fifty Fifty’.